Maternity and post-partum underwear


RelaxMaternity, a complete range of seamless maternity underwear and seamless post-partum underwear dedicated to all the pregnant women and new mothers who, in addition to looking for underwear that meets their specific needs, also demand quality, comfort and wellbeing.

RelaxMaternity springs from RelaxSan experience, an established brand in the production of graduated compression stockings. It is thanks to this experience that RelaxMaternity garments are top quality, made with advanced technology and designed to offer women maximum functionality, convenience and hygienic protection.

RelaxMaternity consists of 3 Product lines: COTTON, SILVER and MILK, with a full range of briefs, bras and girdles, which model, sculpt, restrain and support the parts that inevitably grow during pregnancy and are overburdened by extra weight.



RelaxMaternity garments have been specially designed to help women to face the physical changes that occur in pregnancy, and in particular to:

  • Help support the increasing weight of the parts of the body that are subject to increased volume.
  • Help contain the elongation of muscle fibres, in order to preserve the natural elasticity of the skin.
  • Help prevent sagging of the skin and muscle tissue.
  • Distribute body weight properly in order to reduce fatigue and maintain good posture.
  • Regain muscle tone in the postpartum period.
  • Protect the skin, which becomes more sensitive and delicate in pregnancy, from friction and bacterial infections.

Cotton Underwear

Maternity underwear and post partum underwear with cotton yarn

The elasticated cotton gives each garment maximum softness, fit and stretch, gradually adapting to the changes in the size of the abdomen, breasts, and buttocks. The cotton fibres come into direct contact with skin to ensure an anallergic, breathable, sweat absorbing and sanitizing affect.

The variable thickness of the fabric, along with support panels in the form of girdles, excellently perform their required function of containing and supporting, without compressing, while gently covering the different parts of the abdomen, buttocks and breasts.

All garments are seamless, thereby avoiding any friction on the skin, which can result in redness and irritation.

Silver Fiber

A precious event such as pregnancy deserves equally precious underwear. The innovation of this line is in fact to be found in the use of a patented pure Silver thread

The antiseptic and antibacterial properties of silver have been known since ancient times and recent studies have confirmed that silver acts as a bacteriostatic against most common bacteria.

Thus RelaxMaternity SILVER was born, with the ability to protect the skin naturally from bacterial pathogens and the fermentation of sweat and milk secretions. These characteristics remain unaltered over time, even after repeated washing.

More importantly for pregnant women, it has been demonstrated that silver fibres act as a shield against the electromagnetic radiation emitted by mobile phones, radios and TVS: laboratory tests have shown that RelaxMaternity SILVER fabric repels on average 98% of the electromagnetic waves to which we are commonly exposed.

Elasticity, support, control and fit are the technical characteristics of RelaxMaternity garments. The presence of microfibre yarn ensures adequate softness of the fabric.

Milk yarn

Innovative milk yarns, a natural fiber derived from milk proteins

Elasticiated and seamless, extremely soft to the touch, this product line introduces the innovative use of a natural fibre derived from milk proteins, which, when it comes in contact with the skin, provides nourishment and hydration, making the skin smooth and soft. Its use is particularly appropriate to help minimise and reduce skin blemishes caused by the enlargement of the abdomen and breasts, which can result in the loss of tissue elasticity.

Furthermore, MILK bio-fibre, thanks to its natural milk proteins, acts as a natural bacteriostatic, thus protecting the skin from infections, which it is more at risk of due to the delicateness of the biological stages of pregnancy and lactation.

Despite being made of natural microfibre, RelaxMaternity MILK garments do not require special care regarding use or washing, the comfort and pleasurable feeling of softness they give remain therefore, unchanged over time, even after repeated washing.