Seamless maternity and post-partum underwear

Complete range of pregnancy and breastfeeding underwear dedicated to all the pregnant women and new mothers who, in addition to looking for underwear that meets their specific needs, also demand quality, comfort and wellbeing.

Why is important underwear for pregnancy and postpartum?

RelaxMaternity garments have been specially designed to help women to face the physical changes that occur in and after pregnancy, in particular to:


Help support the increasing weight of the parts of the body that are subject to increased volume.

Help contain the elongation of muscle fibres, in order to preserve the natural elasticity of the skin.

Help prevent sagging of the skin and muscle tissue.

Distribute body weight properly in order to reduce fatigue and maintain good posture.

Regain muscle tone in the post-partum period.

Protect the skin, which becomes more sensitive and delicate in pregnancy, from friction and bacterial infections.

During pregnancy

Premaman line

Maternity garment to ensure gentle support for the abdomen during pregnancy, without compression. Made with super-elastic fabric, it expands gradually as the baby grows. Fits loosely on the hips, seamless and made of cotton.

During breastfeeding and recovery

Post Partum line

Post-partum briefs and bras that helps recover the muscle tone of the abdomen post-pregnancy and nursing. Slimming effect to reclaim pre-pregnancy shape. Made of cotton for skin transpiration and oxygenation.


Italian Quality

RelaxMaternity products are 100% Made in Italy, products completely designed, manufactured and packed in Italy, to guarantee high quality standards!


Premaman and Post-partum

RelaxMaternity is a line of maternity underwear and postpartum products, manufactured with seamless technology and natural fine yarns. Buy RelaxMaternity products directly on our online shop